Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Groupon bad spa/massage deals?

Recently there has been waves of reports from all over the internet on how Groupon have been bad for business. Well, so how does it affect us the consumers? Especially for those of us that have been searching Groupon for a spa/massage deal? I don't care less about the tug of war between the middle man (Groupon) and the businesses but I do care much about the quality of the product that I'm paying for. Will the spas and massage parlour honor the customer's purchase on Groupon or will they be tempted to cut down on quality because of  the pinch on their profit by the Groupon deals?

I have been relying a lot on Groupon to look for great massage deals since I discover them a few months ago. $23 for 60 minutes massage or $28 dollar for 60 minutes massage, these sort of promotions feels too good to be true and it is a good way for me to review other spas (hopefully find more gems) without spending too much money.

So how have it been working out so far you might ask? I must say that it has been a disappointing experience thus far, although it is a discounted deal, I had expected the spas to put in their best effort for the customers in view of winning a long term customer but so far I haven't have a great experience from the groupon deals. I waited 2 months before the appointment at eMedi Spa (review will be up soon) and I arrived, surprised to see how empty the spa is or receive a sub-par massage (Hua Qing Boutique spa review). I have 2 more Groupon deals to go and I will think I will stop buying Groupon for spa/massage deal for now. Maybe those two will convince me other wise but I seriously doubt so.

*update* I found an interesting account of a German spa owner account from his Groupon deal from this blog

Dear readers, have you brought any Groupon spa/massage deal recently? How is your experience so far? Feel free to share with us. You can login to the commenting system through Disqus and if you do not want to make an account, you can also comment through your facebook or twitter account.

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