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Heart Spring Spa review (Singapore,Hougang)

A little bit of history on how I discovered Heart Spring Spa (Singapore). I had moved to the North East early this year and I discovered this little gem with a stoke of luck. I wasn't into massage in Singapore at that point as I couldn't find adequate information about very good massage online and have imagined most massage to be expensive, pushy and sleazy. However, I was having all these frequent neck sprain and aching shoulders (oh my.. getting old here!) and some days were just unbearable especially after a long day at work. I was going through one of those aching day and I decided to scout some 10 minutes massage for $10 fast shoulder massage to relived my pain and I came across Heart Spring Spa at Hougang mall and they like to say the rest is history. I have since went back more than a dozen times.


Its quite modern with wooden laminated flooring and also a relaxing pleasing aroma greets you when you enter the place. Smoothing jazz piano music plays over the air and the air-conditioning is just at the right temperature.

There's a dedicated area for foot massages. I haven't tried that personally but always see quite a few people on it. Also a television to occupy your time while you enjoy a foot massage.

Verdict  . Nothing fanciful but relaxing and comfortable for a massage

Customer Service
This is the receptionist desk served by a very friendly receptionist with warm and friendly staff, pretty basic requirement for this industry. You might wonder why put in a section on this? Well, I just want to make sure that this is not the type of spa that try to hard-sell you an expensive package and those friendly faces turn hostile the moment when they feel that you have no intention of signing the packages.

I haven't made a single booking on all of my visits and so far, it is only unavailable only once or twice which is very acceptable in my opinion. I don't believe in making an appointment one month in advance for a very good and needed massage, can I predict the future and know when is my shoulder going to ache? I honestly think that is ridiculous, why accept this kind of standard when you are paying good money for it? Do you queue for one month to see the doctor?

Vedict  . Very friendly staff, nothing pushy and great availability for your massage


In Heart Spring Spa, back massages are done using Chinese Tui Na method or Zhi Ya method. In the Tui Na method, the therapist will use oil and she will be using kneading my shoulder and back muscles. Tui Na method is usually more relaxing and I feel that the therapist really working hard to loosen my back muscles. In the Zhi Ya method, the therapist use her body strength to push the acupuncture points using her elbows or fingers. Both methods are quite suitable for me although I normally go for the Tui Na and if I'm lazy, I will just let them choose. The skills level of the therapist are usually quite consistent but of course there will be one or two that is more skilful, I haven't figure out the names of the better therapist yet. Most of the time, I come out really relax and feeling my shoulders and back loosen! Really worth the money!
Vedict .Very decent massage although the consistency of the therapist could be better.


The pricing is $30 dollars for 30 minutes of massage and $42 for 45 minutes. I normally go for the 30 minutes, might seems too short but it is a budget I set for myself. :) You can sign up for a package which is cheaper per massage but I don't believe in signing up for a package! So in summary, it is very affordable in my opinion.

Vedict . Very affordable price per minute!

What others are saying

In this section, I will do a search in the internet and summarized what other people are saying about the spa / very good massage, especially in the forums. The forums are usually a good source of information but they are often too cluttered and I'm sure you don't want to go through 100 pages of mostly irrelevance information. Lastly I would like to say massage is often a very personal experience and don't take my word for it and try the spa out! :)

  • By Ashes from flowerpod forum: 
hi! I would recommend Heart Springs Spa at Whitesands, Pasir Ris. It costs only $250 for 13 sessions of half back or foot massage. So 1 session less than $20!! i think for 13 sessions of full body is abt $350 only. It is very worth it i think, have attended almost 10 sessions so far, and all the time is good service and quality . Not pushy and very friendly staff. Highly recommended.

I went to Heart Springs Spa at city square mall last weekend for a 1 hour massage.It was really really good..i slept for a good 13 hours that night...

DH and i always frequent heartspring spa in tiong bahru plaza.
We purchased a body massage package and foot reflexology package since 2 years back. Quite happy with their service so far.
Give it a try if you like traditional body massage.

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