Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hua Qing Chi Boutique Spa (Singapore)

Today Very Good Massage reviews Hua Qing Chi Boutique Spa (Singapore) Swedish massage. I brought a deal off $28 dollar groupon for their 60 minutes swedish massage worth $120 each for both me and my missus. What a great deal! A hour long potentially very good massage at a knock-off price. I love Groupon.

The location of the spa is in Chinatown, it is not exactly easy to find but thanks to google map, we are able to located the place and reach the spa on time.


First up is the environment. The decoration was splendid in old Chinese style. The furnitures were all exquisite and you would have thought that this was an antique shop if not for the foot massage chairs at the other side of the hall. Sadly I can't remember the aroma of the place or the music which is either caused by the memorizing furnishing or it wasn't anything special. Even the tea set was unique!

 Tea was served before the massage.

Verdict . Wonderful design and furnishings, live up to their boutique spa name.

Customer service

I hope I didn't bring your hopes too high up for this spa during the first section of this review. Sadly though that is the best part of this spa. The reception and the therapist wasn't too friendly, they were not hostile but I can't remember a smile from them the entire time I was there. They didn't even speak much to us, it was all just so impersonal to me and massage is supposed to be a personal experience where they understand your needs for that massage.

Verdict . Impersonal experience and lack of warm gestures.


The Swedish massage didn't work out well for us at all. It felt like the therapists were going through the motion during the course of the massage instead of putting in effort to give us a very good massage. I wondered if they are being indifferent because of Groupon. I understand they might be making a loss out of this deal through groupon but you can earn a new customer/good review if you put in enough effort! We have to tell them a few times to use more strength during the massage but we gave up telling them after a while. The air-conditional wasn't working properly in the room and I was sweating halfway through! Disappointing experience.

Verdict . Lack of effort and heart from the therapists


As I mention I brought used Groupon and got this deal at $28 for this $120 massage. Even if it is a very good massage, I would have find it too pricey. The promotional price seems to be quite decent though $28 for a 30 minutes back massage but I wouldn't go back again after this.

 Too pricey and the experience tells me it not really worth the money.

What others are saying

Can't find anything user reviews or remarks in the forums!

That's all for today's review folk. Hope you find it useful. Stay tune for more very good massage's reviews. I will be going Bali soon and they have some of the most wonderful massage in the world. Hope to bring you some great reviews from there.

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