Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jaens Spa Bali Ubud (Review)

Bali, the promised land of spa. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and probably as well known in the world for its world class spas at incredibly affordable prices. The impeccable caring attitude of the Baliness people and their warm smiles make a perfect recipe for the perfect massage or spa experience. I had the privilege of being there during my honeymoon 2 years ago and tried a lot of spas then but unfortunately I was not able to remember the experiences well enough to write about them. However, I had the good fortune of having a short get-away trip last week to Bali and was able to try out Jaens Spa in Ubud, Bali. It is a highly ranked spa in tripadvisor Bali and in fact, it is the 3rd recommanded thing to do in Ubud!

I had booked the spa a few days earlier before arriving in Bali as I was afraid that it would be full as it is very popular. Most spas in Bali have pick-up service that brings you from your accommodation to the spa and back and Jaens picked me up promptly for my massage in the afternoon. Two staffs were waiting for us at the door when we arrived and met us with warm smiles and greetings. The place was nicely decorated Bali style but nothing specular compared to Botanica Ubud spa where the spa room was facing a forest and a small water stream.

 Environment: Simple and nicely decorated but nothing spectacular.

Sweet smelling frangipani-scented cold towels and iced ginger tea were served almost immediate while we waited for our massage.  We didn't have to wait long before our therapists bring us for the customary foot wash. I was immediately impressed when the therapist asked us which areas of our body needs attention during the foot wash. Missus and I both went for the one and a half hour "Bali relaxation massage" which is a mix of Thai massage, Balinese and deep tissue massage. 

 Customer service: First class service with a lot of smiles and lots of attention to details.

Essential oil is an very important component of Balinese massage as your sense of smell work together with the massage to relax your body. The therapist combined generous amount of oil combine with long, gentle strokes and kneading on my body. The Balinese massage although it is good but still not excellent and not the perfect massage I was looking for. I think the therapist didn't work long enough on my shoulders even though I specifically told her. I was slightly disappointed to say the least but it was still very relaxing and I even nodded off a few times. Maybe it is my fault for not telling the therapist to put in more strength!

 Massage: Could have been better but can't fault the effort of the therapist.

We took a quick shower after the massage and there was a cup of honey-lemon drink with a small serving of fruits for us. We just took our time to enjoy the drink and the fruits before the car sent us back to our villa. Total cost of the massage was 180,000 Rp per person which was just $26 Sgd! Amazing right?! An similar experience in Singapore would surely cost more than $100. I love Bali.

 Price: $26 Sgd for 1.5 hours massage. Do I need to say more?

Overall, I like Jaens Spa and it is an amazing experience and a very good massage. You can read more user reviews at Trip Advisor. Once again, thank you for reading and hope you find the review useful. Look out for more very good massage's review next week.

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Very Good Massage