Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kensington (Kovan Heartland mall,Singapore)

Dear Readers,

I apologized for a lack of update. My search for a good massage place was on hold for a while because I found this little massage shop, Kensington in Kovan heartland mall (Singapore). It was a stroke of luck that I stumbled into it one day. I was having one of those terrible shoulder ache after a long day from work that has been bugging me for days.

The place look clean and neat but I was a bit reluctant at first because it was just a tiny shop and there was no place for me to lie down to have a back massage. Instead they have a specialize chair for your massage (I think due to a lack of space) but I'm not sure what is it called. Anyway my shoulder was aching too much for me to be fussy and I went for a 20 minutes session. It turned out to be one of the best 20 minutes that I spent in my life. The masseuse worked out every knot in my shoulder using a mix of Tui Na and Zhi Ya technique and what a relief for my shoulder in the end.

After the great experience, I visited the place very often and despite my personal conviction on not signing up for a package, I craved in and signed up with the place after many persuasion (but not pushy) from the receptionist.The price is around $36-$40 for a 30 minutes session for a back massage and around $42 for a 40 minute foot massage.

I highly recommend the place for a no-frill massage. Of course, there is not much of an atmosphere but it is a great place to drop by after work and go home for dinner feeling great. The therapists are friendly and most of them skillful. Kensington offer foot massage too and although I only tried it once, I think it is great too. My wife tried the foot massage more than me and she loves it. She tried a number of places in Singapore and she thinks it is one of the best and the more consistent foot massage around.

Thanks for reading and coming up next is an exciting update for a very good (and affordable) massage place in JB for those that travel across the causeway.