Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kaki Kaki Reflexology (JB, Sutera and Buki Indah)

Dear Readers,

I'm here to introduce another good massage place again and it is located in the not so far away land of Malaysia, Johor Baru (JB).

Kaki Kaki Reflexology is an established brand in Malaysia and they have branches all over Johor Baru as well. Beside the branding, most importantly is they provide good massage at a cheap rate at just $60 (sgd) for 2 hours full body massage. I can only get an hour massage for $60(sgd) in Singapore! There is the fear of the dreaded 2 hour causeway jam over the causeway but I also get to enjoy cheap petrol, shopping and cheap seafood along with the massage.

Beside the value for money, their therapists are mostly from China and are well trained in Tui-Na and Zhi Ya massage. I normally choose the 2 hour oil full body massage to as it is hard to go to JB due to the massive traffic jams. During the first part of the massage, the therapist will first "loosen" up your body and massages by doing a series of Zhi Ya massage which focus on hitting the acupuncture points on your back and shoulder muscles. After you are sufficiently "loosen" up, the therapist will start to knead your body in comfort using aroma-therapeutic oils

Here are some of the pictures of the SPA at Bukit Indah branch. I find it is slightly more expensive compared to the other massage place around the area but I believed it is because of the skilled therapists, free Jacuzzi and also a small buffet spread after the massages. This is one of the rare places where the standard of the therapist are relatively similar so I believe it is worth the price if you really need the good massage after a long ride into JB.