About this blog

Very Good Massage is a blog dedicated to discovering good massage places mostly in Singapore and some parts of the world (when I get to travel). We are not affiliated to any places that we review to give a unbiased view of the massage experience. So how do you define a good massage place you might ask?

I believe there's a few factors to enjoy a very good massage and most reviews will be based on those criteria. Firstly is the environment, you won't want to go for an alfresco massage especially in Singapore and you also won't want a place that is sleazy. Basically a place that we can relax without any hindrances. Secondly is the skill level of the therapists, are they consistent throughout your visits for your to put your hard earn money into the packages? Thirdly is the customer service, do they remember what you want when you visit? Is the place always full and do you have to beg for an appointment 1 month away just to have a massage? Or are they only interested in hard-selling an expensive package? Fourthly, is the massage affordable? I don't earn 10k a month, not sure about you but I won't be spending $100 or $200 per massage.

If you are interested to read up more about why this blog was started, please read this post: http://www.verygoodmassage.com/2011/06/introduction.html

If you have any suggestion for the blog, please leave me a email at my contact page: http://www.verygoodmassage.com/p/contact.html

Thank you and I hope you will find the blog useful.

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